Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Floral Shoe Syndrome


Let's welcome the season of  Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) flaunting the latest styles and designs that espadrille shoes has to offer. Yes! It's time to put those plain shoes in your closet and go for something that has  "flowery " designs and vibrant  styles.

The month of May is also the start of the Spring Season; it is also during this time that flowers are budding and blooming. There are a lot to look forward during this colorful month and you have to make sure that you are at your best clothes and your "best-est" SHOES. Always remember what Marilyn Monroe said about wearing the right(best) shoes.

We girls should always be fab-looking and at the same time classy. But what can we benefit from being beautiful if our shoes are not equally as attractive as we are? We should always scrutinize the details of the shoes before wearing, that way, we can conquer the world! :)

Let's go FLORAL

This May, let us all go floral and conquer the world with Espadrille shoes. There are a lot of shoes to choose from that would match our unique individuality. Let's not just forget the chant: GO FLORAL!
Here are some floral Espadrille Shoes that I suggest you should consider in our goal to GO FLORAL!

Wedge Shoes never goes out of place. Try wearing and feel confident!

The color of the shoes and it's design speaks something about yourself. Just don't forget to GO FLORAL.

Feel comfy wearing this flat shoes with bold floral design. 

Make a statement! Be different! Experience the new meaning of confidence with this uber floral boots!

Enjoy wearing sneakers with a vibrant print. :)

Whatever you choose to wear, make it stand out and be confident about it.